Nicki Minaj And Beyonce’s Feeling Myself Video Is On Tidal (And Here)

So Jay-Z has a self-destructive obsession with Tidal, jesus I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. The idea of people paying for music because it's art and we should respect art is just a little too honorable for people who want to get black out drunk while listening to Taylor Swift. I guess it was cute for the first couple weeks when Jay-Z was making personal phone calls, but the world has moved on.

Well, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are trying to help Jay-Z out of this midlife crisis and released their music video for “Feeling Myself” exclusively on Tidal. This was the smartest business decision made regarding Tidal since its original owners sold it. Naturally, everybody has been tortured over whether or not to pay $10 to watch Nicki and Beyonce grind on each other in Givenchy jerseys. For many people, the answer was yes.

The video was filmed a lot like Beyonce's “7/11” video. The style where maybe these are just home videos, haha they're so funny and goofy, wow this is so spontaneous. But also it took a month to film in a studio with a professional crew for $400,000.

The best part of the video and possibly the only reason to spend $10 is because of Nicki's outfit. She's wearing a Givenchy jersey with the word “pervert” and the number “17” on it aka Tyga and Kylie Jenner. Am I reading too much into this, probably, but Nicki is a shady betch so who knows.




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