10 Times Nicki Minaj's Shade Was Too Much To Handle

Today is Nicki Minaj’s 34th birthday, and the day wouldn’t have been complete without honoring this true queen. Over the years, she’s given us countless iconic songs, looks, and performances, but the thing she maybe does best is being shady and savage AF. Here’s a look at some of the most important Nicki moments ever, because she’s really given us so much.

1. The time she basically ended Miley Cyrus’ life while accepting a VMA.

Miley What's Good

2. How she spent an entire season of American Idol throwing shade at Mariah Carey.

Nicki Minaj

3. When she used an acceptance speech to casually address the fact that Iggy Azalea might use a ghostwriter.

Nicki Minaj

4. When Taylor Swift tried to get some attention and Nicki shut that shit down.

Nicki Minaj Taylor Swift Tweet

5. When Nicki’s ex Meek Mill dissed her at a concert and the subtweets came literally seconds later.

Nicki Minaj Subtweets

6. When she offered this very real critique of the patriarchy.

Nicki Minaj Tweets

7. When she definitely gave Drake the worst blue balls of all time.

Anaconda Nicki Minaj Drake Lap Dance

8. When she called out Andy Cohen on his own show.

Nicki Minaj

9. The Remy Ma feud that’s lasted a full decade and given us like, 12 diss tracks.

Nicki Minaj

10. When she literally ended our lives.

Nicki Minaj

Happy birthday Queen, don’t take shit from anybody today.