Nick Jonas Is Now A Regulation Hottie

Soooo like many betches I initially had my doubts about Nick and the rest of the Jo Bros based on my general distaste for family boy bands. Considering the fate of the Jackson 5 and Hanson, I don't think you can really blame me. However, after seeing Nick's photoshoot with Flaunt magazine, homegurl thinks it might be time to reevaluate. If you haven't seen it yet (wtf?), clear your schedule and take a look. These pics have interrupted pregames, dinners and weddings for the past two weeks. In fact if you've already stopped reading this article because you need some alone time with him, I don't really blame you.

Not only has Nick survived his Camp Rock youth without developing an eating disorder or a cocaine addiction (golf clap), but in fact is ~thriving~ with a new self-titled album and some muscle definition to match. Most importantly, his mastery of the crotch grab ensures he's DEF not going to be asked to do a Frozen cover this holiday season like all the asexual Disney Tweens he was once associated with. Nick has a penis and it's here to stay!

I realize it's still fairly early into his sexual awakening. “Jealous” is to Nick Jonas as “Can't Be Tamed” was to Miley, AKA there's DEF room for things to get a lot of more weird in either a good or bad way. That being said, I think we can all agree that we like what we see so far. Keep the pics (oh yeah and the songs) coming, Nick.




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