Nick Cannon Still Won’t Sign Mariah Carey’s Divorce Papers

You know the old saying: “hell hath no fury like a famous person getting divorced.” Well, Nick Cannon is doing his best to live up to it, because he’s still refusing to sign the final papers on his and Mariah Carey’s divorce.

If you’re thinking to yourself “but I thought they got divorced a long time ago,” the correct answer is that they’ve been separated since at least August 2014. At this point, their divorce proceedings have been ongoing for more than a year and a half, which sounds like something that only happens to people with a shitload of money.

Nick is apparently being a huge bitch and won’t tell Mariah what the holdup is, but Mariah is understandably ready to be done with this, especially considering that she got engaged to a billionaire in January. Sorry bout it Nick, but Mariah definitely wins this one from any angle. Grow up and move on.


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