My New Year's Resolution Is To Be More Like Julia Fox

Welp, it’s that time of year again: New Year’s.

It’s the time of year, without fail, that we’re encouraged to use the new date on the calendar as an opportunity to better ourselves. We’re told it’s a great time to lose weight, be nicer, or achieve some random goal that you’ll probably quit by February (and if not—all the more power to you/please tell me your secrets).

But do you know how many times I have actually changed as a person because of the new year? Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Then again, maybe the problem is that I’m going about it the wrong way. Fortifying a “new me” isn’t effective. So if I can’t be a new me, why not be someone else? Someone inspiring. Someone grounded. Someone worthy of emulating. Someone like Julia Fox. 

Julia Fox? The previously unknown fashion designer/model/actress/former dominatrix turned icon and household name? K*nye’s very public early 2022 fling? John Safdie’s muse in “Uncut Gems”? Yes, that Julia Fox.

Trust me, I can’t believe I’m saying it myself. And honestly, I need to take back everything I said about her. At first, I didn’t “get” her. I thought that she was just a vapid shell of Hollywood that was trying to boost her career by any means necessary. I completely underestimated her as a whole. But once I did a deep (and I mean deep) dive into her TikTok account, I found that she is actually truly admirable. These are just a few reasons (and TikToks) that made me want to be more like her:

She’s Not Afraid To Correct Somebody Hateful

The coolest thing someone can do is shut down an ignorant bigot. In several videos, she not only addresses ass-backward comments and opinions, but she absolutely annihilates them. In this TikTok, she takes arguments that have been used against women for decades and turns them on their heads with the flick of a finger. I want her to give me an entire semester-long course to arm myself with fierce feminist knowledge.

She Is Wildly Creative

Who in the world would come up with a dress made of resin leaves?! But Julia Fox, of course. She makes me want to tap into the deepest recesses of my brain to unleash radical creativity. I want to cover my car in turf and call it grass-oline! I want to put googly eyes on all of my nails! I want to carry around a pair of jeans like a purse! (Wait, she already did that). We have but one silly little life to live!

She’s Sustainable

The fashion world is wreaking havoc on our planet, but Julia Fox continues to stay on the cusp of innovation without inundating the world with litter and greenhouse gases. She is living proof that you can be a fashion icon without even going to a store.

She Has Her Own Style

Ok, I’ll admit, when I first saw her style, I totally didn’t get it—I thought it was just flagrant for the sake of being flagrant. But the more I studied it, the more I saw the vision. There is clear intention in what she is doing, even if it looks silly at first glance. She is telling us exactly who she is through her style, and I want to do precisely that with my own very different, not-like-hers-at-all style. Again, not knocking it. Just still not quite my thing. 

She Is Real About Her Struggles

She is willing to talk about everything and anything—see this TikTok, as well as this one. A large reason why societal issues go unsolved is because they are not talked about and therefore shoved under the rug. Julia, with her massive platform, is brave enough to start the conversation herself. Why can’t I do the same? The stakes are significantly lower for me. What do I really have to lose? Three hater followers from high school? I think I’m good.

She Knows Her Worth

It is impossible to say what kind of irreparable damage this TikTok would have saved me if I had heard it 10 years ago, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start now. Julia is the patron saint of “Love Thyself”. Yes, I am writing this column with a ring on my left hand, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take strides in making sure all of the relationships in my life are serving me. And it definitely doesn’t stop me from repeating this speech verbatim to my single friends. Follow the Gospel of the Fox!

She Does It All, Even If She Doesn’t Know How

Ok, so there’s a lot to unpack with this one, but what *I* am choosing to take away from this is that Julia is always going to get it done no matter what it is. She doesn’t give a shit if she has never done it before, she is confident that she will do it and she will do it well. Who knows where this blind confidence will take me? Hollywood? The White House? Bring it on.


Ali Hinman
Ali Hinman
Ali is your new gay BFF (they can be girls too, ya know). She is a karaoke queen and a woman of extremes. She throws her opinions around like confetti. No she’s not a crazy cat lady, but yes, she believes that her cat Tina deserves the world and nothing less.