New Years Eve Dresses Under $50 You Can Still Order In Time

New Year’s Eve is the most overrated, over-hyped holiday in the history of holidays. And, news flash, it’s almost here. Like, not only does the holiday usually cost more money than the night or the hangover is ever actually worth, but it’s also pretty much a non-event. Like, we’re celebrating a “new year” based off of a calendar and time… both of which are man-made concepts that we’ve all just mindlessly accepted. Not to get super meta here, but just take a minute and really think about it. Let it sink in. Anyway, since everyone’s coming up with their resolutions and scheduling their glam appointments, might as well get with it and start shopping for your NYE dress with the rest of ’em. Since I know that blowout is already going to be costing you more than you want to admit, here are five New Years Eve dresses under $50 (since like, you’ll only be wearing them for one night anyway).

Oh and PSA, before you all go aggressively attacking me in the comments that the majority of these dresses are from Revolve, I’ll have you know that I picked them PURPOSELY because they’re from Revolve. Why??? Because hulllloooo free two day shipping!! Of course, I’ve also included Forever 21 options, which are half the price but don’t worry, they make up for it with the expensive af shipping costs to get it on time. See, I’m always thinking of you.

1. by the way. Kylee Strapless Dress ($32)

This strapless dress is ideal for your NYE festivities. The suit-like striped pattern elevates an otherwise basic dress and hopefully elevates your predictably basic evening. Pair it with some glitzy shoes and big earrings and voilà. And now that we’ve made the dress more fun, let’s make your night more fun and add some champagne. Lotsss of it. Now, maybe both your outfit AND night will be a lot more interesting.

2. Forever 21 Metallic Tulip Dress ($22.90)

The style of this dress is perfect for helping hide a less-than-tight tummy. Hey, after a long month full of holiday parties and endless booze, I totally feel you. In fact, everyone does. Isn’t that what all of our optimistic yet consistently unfulfilled New Years resolutions are for, anyway???

3. by the way. Stacie Side O Ring Bodycon ($45)

This all-white aggressively revealing dress definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. You’re guaranteed to look hot af, but I have no f*cking idea what underwear you’re going to wear, so don’t ask. Realistically, you probs can’t wear any. But hey, cheers to starting off the New Year free as a bird and maybe even getting some easy action??? Just no Kyle Richards-splits on the dance floor or else you might wake up the first day of 2019 already wishing for 2020.

4. by the way. Goldie Knit Mini Dress ($44)

This metallic knit dress has just the right touch of sparkle to be NYE appropriate without looking like you’re trying too hard. Pair it with a black leather jacket to add a little mystery and edge. Then, once you get toasty on the dance floor, you can whip off your jacket like one of those hot girls in the movies. The likelihood that you’ll actually look hot doing said move is slim to none. But then again, everyone will most likely be blacked out anyway, so maybe it’ll be sexy to someone after all.

5. Forever 21 One-Shoulder Cutout Dress ($25)

This one is less flashy than some of the others on this list, but still far from basic. The cutouts keep it sexy while the longer length makes it a little more “classy.” Classy of course is relative, I mean with the aforementioned dance floor jacket swinging move I’m sure you’ll drop that misperception in no time. It’s NYE, classy is the least of anyone’s concerns.

Hopefully with these suggestions you can find yourself a New Years Eve dress under $50 to make your night *sparkle.* Okay, that was corny, my b. It’s just so wrong it almost felt right??? Anyway, Happy New Years betches!!! Talk to you in a year! (Okay, seriously, now I’m done.)

Images: @kvarapaeva / unsplash; Revolve; Forever 21
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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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