The New Trailer For I Am Cait Is Here

Caitlyn Jenner released a new trailer for her show “I Am Cait” about her transition to become a woman. ICYMI and haven't seen her out and about in New York for the past two weeks, homegirl looks fucking gorgeous. Seriously, whoever is doing her makeup should win a Nobel prize, and Caitlyn wears Diane Van Furstenburg like it's her job. Meanwhile Kris Jenner looks like Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove.

Anyway, the second trailer for the show is all about Caitlyn working with transgender kids and helping her family through the transition. Naturally Kylie makes an appearance since her raging daddy issues currently rival the entire cast of Teen Mom. Most importantly, Caitlyn wants to wear a black dress that Kris also has… That fight is what I am living for.

Sure the emotional development and inspiration is important, but the fashion fights between the Kardashian-Jenner clan are going to be epic. Imagine a “Who Wore It Better” between Kris and Caitlyn – that shit will put Calabasas on lock down.




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