New Study Finds Tylenol Makes You Not Give a Fuck

Scientists have made our day yet again with another earth-shattering discovery. It turns out some of our fave over-the-counter drugs are more useful than we had previously thought. Tylenol, Nyquil, Sudafed and many other OTC drugs all contain a pain killer called acetaminophen, which is apparently a fucking miracle worker. We already knew it was semi-helpful when it comes to the throbbing pains of hangovers and vengeful periods, but apparently it has an impact on your emotions as well.

A social psychologist at Ohio State University is claiming that additional side effects of this wonder drug include, but are not limited to, not giving a fuck. This is welcomed news for betches seeing as being apathetic is an integral part of our nature. Anything to help us numb our emotions is greatly appreciated and sure to be implemented into our daily routines. Researchers conducted experiments that tested university students on and off acetaminophen and their reactions to both positive and negative photos. The students who had taken an average dose of the drug had less of an emotional reaction to the images than the students given placebos. So, you’re telling me that popping a few Tylenol to dull the effects of a headache can help me be even more apathetic than I already am? Science, you the real MVP.


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