New Shows and Movies Are Coming To Netflix This May

Netflix's announcement of new uploads and removals always brings a mix of panic and excitement. This time, it's pretty much all good news – the only loss is Along Came Polly feat. post-Friends Jennifer Aniston – which tbh isn't much of a loss. But we're getting Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde. How quickly will you have Elle's courtroom monologue and the Atomic Dog choreography memorized?

We're also getting the full series of Dance Moms and Hoarders, instead of the rando episodes posted now. This is wonderful since even when you're drinking bottles of wine alone on your couch each Tuesday night, you'll feel good about your life because at least you're not Chloe whining about Maddie fucking winning at life or some loser collecting light bulbs in Wisconsin.

This is great and all, but still no America's Next Top Model? C'mon Netflix.




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