New Shop Betches Phone Cases: Your Phone Just Got Hotter

The best shop in the universe just got better. We are happy to announce the launch of our new phone cases!! You should adorn your most prized possession, your phone, in something chic, stylish and, above all else, betchy. We are, like, such good people, that we did this for you. 

All of our cases fit, like, a lot of phones: iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S4, & Samsung Galaxy S5. They also come in matte if you are more subtle chic or glossy if you are standout chic. I know, this is a really big decision.

Our two best sellers, the You Can’t Spin with Us and Kicking Ass & Forgetting Names are now available in black, because what other color is there?





You may also like our You Can’t Spin With Us Tanks which are finally back in stock after you all bought them out in .45 seconds AND our best selling Kicking Ass tee now comes in a tank. You’re welcome. 

We also have everyone’s favorite brash little betch, the OG hairflip girl Emoji phone case. That way on Wednesdays, you’ll always have something pink.



We added two of my personal faves: the first serves as a reminder to onlookers/fans “If you’re reading this stop staring,” and the other is of course the “Bad Betch.” Your resting betch face and chic outfit might say it all, but let your phone, which you’re using 24/7 to ignore the world, anyway, do all the talking.





You may also like this in a tank… we have it, obv. 

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