New Music From Charli XCX For Your Girls Night Out

Happy new music Friday, everybody! I guess the music industry is also hungover from a company party last night, because I’m a little light on new sh*t today. That being said, we do have some great new music from Charli XCX that’s going to go straight on your girls night out pregame playlist (no boys allowed).

Honestly, all you have to do is say a song is by Charli XCX and I’m down. You already know anything she puts out is going to be a hit and a favorite amongst your friend group. This song ~just so happens~ to be called “Girls Night Out”, which could not be more appropriate if it tried. The lyrics are literally “we’re gonna have a girls night out tonight / no boys, no boys”. V relatable. V.

It’s the perfect pump-up song while you sip your vodka cran or take that tequila shot. Put this on and you’ll be dancing in your room (or wherever you happen to be right now—your office?). Listen to “Girls Night Out” and then “subtly” send it to a friend who needs to be reminded not to make your girls night out about finding guys. It just ruins the fun, Brittany!!

Image: Andrew Thomas Huang

Sara Levine
Sara Levine
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