You're Gonna Want To Try The New LaCroix Flavor ASAP

Your excuse to drink a vodka soda on a Tuesday is here: LaCroix is coming out with a new flavor, and you’re going to want to try it ASAP. Well. Okay. Full disclosure, the flavor isn’t available for purchase just yet, but I’m not here to stomp on anyone’s dreams. LaCroix sent out the new flavor to shareholders and told investors it’s “ready to launch,” so hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on it soon. Side note, how do I become a LaCroix investor? Asking for a friend myself.

The new flavor is Key Lime, which reportedly tastes like the regular lime flavor, only a cool lime flavor sweeter and with a “scent of toasted meringue.” I have no idea what a “scent of toasted meringue” means—is this like the time I Instagrammed my Pizza Rolls with the caption “mozzarella and chorizo bites encased in a puff pastry and heated to perfection”? Is it going to taste like Pinnacle whipped cream vodka? Why is this even necessary when we already have a regular lime flavor and a Cherry Lime Cúrate flavor? Does LaCroix have stock in the lime industry? Am I just asking too many questions? Is my inability to accept good news such as this the reason I’m single and destined to be alone forever??

*Puts down blunt* So yeah, anyway, this new flavor sounds like it could replace your usual dessert order of decaf coffee, but no word on whether it will come between you and your beloved Pamplemousse. We’ll keep you updated on when you can buy it, so you should get ahold of your mom’s Costco card in advance.