The New Girl In My Bestie Group Is Ruining My Life: Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

So a new girl is trying to join my friend group. Normally, I love a new a new friend and someone to gossip to but this girl is rude as fuck. My friends told me that she can be kind of a bitch when you first meet her but she's super nice when you get to know her. It's been two months of me getting to know her and she's still a bitch. I'm not the person afraid of speaking my mind but all my friends love her and seem totally oblivious to how rude she is. She won't look me in the eye, respond when I talk to her, and takes every chance she has to remind me that she's somehow better. I want to tell her off but I'm afraid that my friends will take her side over mine. It's gotten to the point where whenever I'm with her and my other friends I think extra hard about what I do and say cause I don't want her to hate me more. I'm not insecure I just think she's gonna stick in our group and I don't want to be the miserable loser or the bitch no one likes anymore. Any advice?



Dear Gretchen,

Your first mistake was branching out. Everybody knows betches don't do that; this is a good example of why. The fact that your friends added someone to the group without consulting you is a red flag. Heads up: you might be the dud. Then again, your friends might just be the worst.

This looks like a classic case of jealousy. A girl being a bitch to you for no reason and constantly cutting you down? Yep, unless you fucked her boyfriend, she's probably jealous of you for some reason. Don’t waste your time or energy feeding into her bullshit by trying to come up with comebacks of your own, this isn’t That’s so Raven. Just ignore this bitch. When she realizes she can’t get a rise out of you because you don’t give a single fuck about her, she’ll either a) move onto someone else or b) quit acting like a bratty middle-schooler altogether.

Haters they gon’ hate and players they gon’ play (don’t get it twisted that was a 3LW reference),

The Betches


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