Neville Longbottom Is Now A Regulation Hottie

Throwback to when Neville Longbottom was the fat kid (ewww) at Hogwarts. He was the classic nice boy who couldn't walk 5 feet without tripping, yelling at someone for breaking the rules, or fucking up a homework assignment. Normally betches don't give a shit about fantasy YA literature unless it's hate-reading Twilight, but an adult Neville Longbottom is a regulation hottie.

Matthew Lewis, the guy who played Neville, realized that he was rich and could hire a physical trainer. So he devised a three step program to become hot: Invisalign, a hair cut, and a naked magazine photoshoot. Matthew is on the cover of Attitude magazine (idk it's a British magazine maybe) to talk about his new movie where he plays a triathalon athlete aka not barre class on Saturdays. His training regimen forbid him from eating sugar and carbs and drinking alcohol. So he's a pretty shitty date but homeboy is a perfect 10.

Seriously, take a quick “coffee break” and look at these photos. Even JK Rowling took a minute to comment – she asked for Matthew to give her a warning next time he decides to model in his underwear. Round of applause for our boy Neville, the ultimate physical transformation. Seriously, he proves that there is hope for Honey Boo Boo.



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