Netflix Is Airing a Full House Reunion Spin-Off

After 15 years of reminiscing about the glory days of Uncle Jessie and betch-in-training Stephanie Tanner, Full House is officially getting a reboot. Silver Fox John Stamos is producing a reunion special and then a 12-episode series called “Fuller House” on Netflix. Apparently everyone but Bob Saget aka chronic nice boy Danny Tanner and the Olson twins (read: queens) haven’t signed-on yet, because they’re the ones who still have careers. I just really can’t imagine Ashley and Mary Kate leaving Paris Fashion Week to say “you got it dude.”

Fuller House follows the exact plot line of Full House except gender swapped. DJ is a veterinarian (ew), pregnant, widowed, and already has two sons. Deja fucking vu. Naturally Stephanie – who is a failing muscian  – and Kimmy Gibler – who is also a single parent to a teenage daughter – move in with DJ and her family.  So subtle. Sidebar: There has to be a plot line where Kimmy tries to trap some man with her pregnancy.

So they’re just remaking Full House sans the most successful characters. Just saying, you’re in big trouble mister.




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