Neta: Come Hungry, Leave Hungry

Neta Rating: 6.75

Food: 2.75

Service: 2.0

Atmosphere: 2.0

I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed? I think you can at Neta.

Don’t get us wrong, this year-old sushi restaurant was really solid and we definitely see why people who have no problem spending a shit ton of money on not that much food, like to eat here. Everything was extremely fresh and cooked almost perfectly. But Neta is an anorexic betch’s dream date. We didn’t not eat more ginger than we did food.

It’s one of those places where you go expecting to have a standout meal, but it was really not on that level at all. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say yes if someone asks you on a date there, because it’s worth trying.

The Crowd

Mostly older people in small groups, plus an 8-year-old boy in a suit having a $135 omakase for Sunday night dinner and shmoozing with the other diners like he was a 45-year-old executive at a business conference.

The Atmosphere

A good date spot. There are only a few tables and the rest are seats at the bar. The decor is nearly nonexistent in the way that begs you to think that the sushi speaks for itself.

Is it instagram friendly? Good lighting. Some of the food is gram-worthy.

Is there a chance I’ll run into a celebrity? Yes, but it would not be a good place to harass them for a selfie because literally everyone will see.

Shoe situation: Neta's very low key but you can definitely wear heels here. I just wouldn't wear my sluttiest dress with my highest heels unless your plan is to flirt with the waiter for extra spicy mayo. 

Good for: Being taken out, dinner with the parents, expense accounts

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Price: $$$$

The Food

Sea scallops and uni – The sauce was key. The scallops were done well and the mushrooms a great addition to the dish. As one betch said, “unicredible.”

Salmon with crispy rice – This basically tasted like a bagel and lox in sushi form. Kind of plain but good and very fresh. One thing Neta did very well was fry things in a semi-healthy seeming way. As in not dripping with grease.

Duck rice – Also simple, but very well-cooked and flavorful. Another dish with the light crispy rice.

Salmon left, duck right, fucking duh.

Spicy lobster – This dish has some surprise tofu in it, but other than that it’s amazing. The portion was actually better than most of the other dishes, aka not a meal for ants.

Spicy salmon roll – Again the fish was great, but we did not enjoy the decision to spice this salmon by placing the seasoning on the outside of the roll. Like no, I’m only eating this as a vehicle for the spicy mayo in the first place. I really expected better.

Kanpachi and spicy potato roll – Aka broken up barbeque chips wrapped with a tasty yellowtail roll. We were into it until we were like, wait are these Pringles? Beware the jalapeño if spice makes you sweat.

Seafood and vegetable tempura – Perfectly battered though slightly buttery, in the best way possible. Further evidence that this restaurant was actually meant to fry things.

Gluten Free Options: 

Anything can be done gluten free, and they even have gluten free soy sauce. The only thing that can't be gluten free is risotto, but let them know in advance and they will accommodate.


House made peanut butter ice cream – Possibly the best part of the meal. The only instance when the tiny portion size was for the best.



NEW YORK, NY 10011

Phone: 212-505-2610


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