Betches Love This Movie: Neighbors

We saw the new Seth Rogen stoner movie this past weekend and it was very fucking funny. The movie is called Neighbors because it’s about Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne who are new parents, and shit goes down when a douchey frat (with president and VP Zac Efron and Dave Franco) moves in next door. So this was definitely the frattiest movie in a long time and seriously made me miss college, but also made me realize how pathetic it is to be an adult still trying to relive college. See: Seth Rogen, mushroom trip.

So the plot is basically this: Seth and Rose just had a baby and are feeling like boring old people who can’t even stay up late enough to go to a club, when the frat moves in. Because they’re lacking any excitement in their boring baby filled lives, they decide to make this frat the center of their marriage for a little and it becomes their mission to have them kicked off campus. Naturally, plotting to infiltrate the frat by getting sorority girls drunk is the best way to go about reducing the noise in the neighborhood. Obvi this is what every young mother thinks about between breast pumps.

The most surprising part of this movie is the fact that I actually enjoyed watching Zac Efron and didn’t spend the whole time wondering when he’ll come out. Zac played the idiot president of Delta Psi (at an unnamed college though undoubtedly a stupid one because he didn’t know what AT&T was) and was shirtless most of the movie. He was the epitome of the worst type of frat asshole imaginable. In other words, he played himself.

Dave Franco was hilarious as the VP but also closet nerd who surprises us by not turning out to be as dumb as Zac, as in he puts in the bare minimum effort to get a job after graduation and plans to like, not be a frat bro forever. I mean, a character wanting to grow up in a Seth Rogen movie is basically the biggest plot twist since Bruce Willis found out he was dead.

Aside from just the general hilariousness of the war between the two sides and the ridiculous shit they do to each other, Lisa Kudrow was one of the funniest characters. She played the Dean (the position, not the name) of the school aka the person in charge of getting the frat kicked off. She was epic as the typical school administrator who only gives a shit about keeping the school scandals out of national news. Duke should probably hire someone like her. 

Also, I never realized this before but Rose Byrne’s real voice sounds exactly like Sandra Dee from Grease and while this is pleasant at first it soon becomes distracting and she just needs to stop talking so I can concentrate on how she would never date someone who looks like Seth Rogen in real life. 

So betches, definitely see Neighbors. It’ll get you really in the mood for a frat party and like, really grateful that you don’t have a baby. 


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