New App Nattr Lets You Crowdsource Your Texting Game

There’s now an app out there that lets teenagers crowdsource their texts. The app, Nattr, connects “writers” to users that need help saying something witty. It’s just like sending a screenshot to your group chat with “what should I say” except it’s with hundreds of strangers, some of whom are professional comedy writers, none of whom are personally invested in whether or not Kevin texts you back.

Anyone can reply to a request for a response, but the “staff” of writers is noted by their stars. You can find each one of these writers on their social media if you’re really curious how witty they are in real life.

Apparently this app is from the UK, which makes sense because the British are a witty bunch. Some people say it’s easier to give advice than to take it, and this is probably true. When you post a screenshot, you remain anonymous and people only see your gender and your age. But like, can you imagine if you found out the person you’re talking to on Tinder sources his/her witty lines from an app?

The moral of this story is you should assume at all times that your conversations are going to be screenshotted. While we may not need advice on how to text from strangers, this app is an interesting view into how men and women give advice when it comes to texting. Also now you know not to believe it when bros tell you they don’t overanalyze texts. This whole app is full of bros asking for help on something as simple as saying “hello”.


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