Naked Guy Loses His Shit After Getting Kicked Off His Flight

We're all familiar with the 5th circle of hell: the Atlanta, Charlotte, and Newark airports. There is no place so full of hatred, disappointment, and low-key homicidal rage than the three worst American airports. (Other than prom night.) Well, some poor man in the Charlotte-Douglas airport was told his flight was overbooked and he was getting bumped. Tbh, unless he was meeting his besties for spring break or going to a wedding with an open bar, it isn't that big of a deal. They'd just put you on the next flight and give you a voucher. Sure, I don't want to spend any more time in the Charlotte airport than absolutely necessary, but they have a Jamba Juice so it's not that terrible.

Anyways, this man was apparently on his way to a very important AARP convention, and lost his fucking mind. He stripped and chilled at his gate naked for a full 40 minutes before airport security stepped in. Imagine this geriatric boss sipping his iced coffee and screaming at a flight attendant about the flight bullshit while a high school class trip to Washington DC snapchatted the whole thing. Finally airport security got there and took the man “to get the help he needs.” So basically, they needed to pat down my hair and separately screen my laptop, but it took them 40 fucking minutes to get rid of this naked guy?? Homeland security needs to step up their game.


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