My Idol is Ruining Everyone’s Lives

We weren’t going to say anything but now that Conan has even gotten into this, we feel like we have to say something. The Chinese app, My Idol, is responsible for the sensational barrage of creepy dancing/singing avatars of all your friends on social media last week.

The app in Chinese is called 小偊, which literally means Mini-me in Chinese, and most of the features are in Chinese as well. Though due to its massive popularity this past week, we wouldn’t be surprised if more English songs/options started popping up. Basically it lets you create a creepily accurate 3D avatar of yourself (or anyone really) which you can then program to do certain things like pole dance, walk a runway, and encourage you to work out.  At one point you could sing “Let it Go” but we’re guessing that was removed due to copyright issues.

But seriously, this thing is getting out of hand. If you thought Bitstrips was a time suck, this is that times ten. With dozens of outfit choices and the option to customize everything from your shoes to your tights, you can spend hours sending your friends variations of you walking the runway.

Of course, the selection of non-Asian hair and eyes are limited, but there is no shortage of face tattoos, monster/animal eyes, and green skin.  Yes, that’s right, as people moved on from creating accurate depictions of themselves to downright demented monster versions, we got pretty bored of our feed being just countless renditions of Cantonese songs sung by experimental versions of our friends that were creepier than Jared Leto’s joker.

The secret to My Idol is of course that it doesn’t have to be your face, if you take a picture of a friend (or um, celebrity like Barack Obama?) you can also make them do these ridiculous things.

All right, so while we kind of hate that this app has taken over our feeds, we also kind of love it at the same time.  Mostly we approve it because of the one option you can select that features your avatar bursting out of a medicine trunk full of pills. In Chinese, it says “Take pills! Take pills!”  I mean we can’t argue with that.





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