My Friend Is Dating A Weirdo. Should I Have An Intervention? Dear Betch…

Dear Betches,

So one of my besties started dating a younger guy…a high school senior to be exact. He started off seeming nice but he's a total PSYCHO. He cries all the time (literally) and manipulates her, he's insanely jealous and she puts up with it God knows why. They don't even have friends in common.

He is so demanding and spoiled, and as a result she's grown apart from all of her besties. She's become the most annoying and cheesy person I know because of him. I know that this is (technically) none of my business but it is such a disgusting relationship to watch. Now I find myself talking shit about her with my other besties on the daily and I don't feel good about it. Not to mention, I talked to her about it once and she totally disagrees on being absorbed; she's blind about it. I am sick to the point where I can't hear his name without getting a gag reflex. Intervention time, maybe?

Please help,

Annoyed AF

Dear Annoyed AF,

It seems weird to me that you care so much. Like, are you in love with your friend or something? Stop wasting your time talking shit about her. If she’s as lame as you claim to be and she’s dating some younger loser, why would even care about her enough to expend daily time bashing her? Get your own life.

The only thing you can do about it is talk to her and since you already did and she disagreed with you, move on. If you think she sucks now stop being friends with her. If you think she's still fun to hang out with then hang out with her when she's not with her boyfirend. If she wants to be a weirdo, that’s her prerogative. Maybe get some more normal friends and another hobby if all you have to discuss is your friend’s boyfriend.


The Betches

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