MUST SEE VIDEO: Watch Justin Bieber Act Like a Douchebag to Lawyers in His Deposition Video

The following videos of Justin Bieber being a dick (shocking!) to lawyers on his deposition video are the only thing getting me through Monday morning. Seriously, these are epic. Seems like Justin was having a pretty shitty morning. Probs low on his daily supply of sizzurp and iced coffee.

Apparently his lawsuit is regarding his bodyguard beating up a photographer but for some reason they're asking him questions about shit like why he and Usher are BFFS, the difference between a film and a video, and to use the word 'detrimental' in a sentence. Oh, and watch the Biebs flip a shit and wave his finger at lawyers after they bring up former flame/WGA Selena Gomez. Not that Justin generally gives a shit, he uses the courtroom video camera the way any betch would: as a way to adjust his collar mid-deposition. Check out the highlights, compliments of TMZ:  






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