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I could drink this Jack, but I’d rather goose (hello)Barely ate today so I could drink with you (hello)Slow it down, the night is young, so lets enjoy the pregameAll we need’s a bottle, cause we only take half shots (hey)

Yeah, you’re ugly hot, but betches always know.Needa blackout fore I steep that low

That lowLets goMuploadoh oh oh oh

I’m not the kinda girl to get messed up with you, (Hell no)Looking for a guy to buy a drink or two, helloIt’s alright, I’m getting drunk, we’re just getting startedIt’s OK with me if there’s a chance you could be gay (hey)

Yeah you’re totz a douche, but betches always know. More vodka soda and I won’t say no

I could stick around and hit the bong with you, helloIt doesn’t really mean that’s all I wanna do, helloLets have fun, the night is young, I still wanna partyGet the fuck up, pick up your cup, cause we just wanna rage

Yeah your pot is cool but betches always know,I just came to do some blow

Some blowSome blowSome blow

I’m not the kinda girl to just sleep with you (hello)Imma let you try to convince me to (hello)It’s alright you’re kinda hot, and your just getting startedDon’t get too excited cause that’s all you get from me (hey)

Ugh you’re such a pro, but I think that you should knowI’ve got a heavy flow





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