Music You Should Be Listening To: Halsey

It’s a little over halfway through summer which means all of the new pop songs have already been released and you’re probably also sick of them. Fear not, betches, because we’re here to enrich your life with new music that you can drink/dance/drive/do just about anything to. It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Halsey, the blue haired badass who has taken over my heart and Spotify account.

Halsey is a 20-year-old indie pop artist from New Jersey whose sound is kind of a mixture between Lana del Rey and Banks. According to her Instagram bio, she “[writes] songs about sex and being sad,” and tbh that’s the only kind of music you really need in your life. Her EP Room 93 is on Spotify and you should probably go listen to it for the rest of the day while you pretend to do work.

Halsey just finished up a tour with The Kooks, is currently touring with Imagine Dragons, and was the most talked about artist online at SXSW this year. Basically, she’s about to blow up when her first album Badlands drops in August 2015, so get in on this shit now so you can tell all your friends you liked her before she was big.




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