Betches Love This Song: Your Father

Jambo! Sup betches. There's nothing like a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon to take some fucking shots. Like we say, hump day is for nice girls. So, last week's Love This Song was dedicated to Electric Daisy Carnival's first voyage to New York City. Get pumped betches it'll be like rolling with Henry fucking Hudson. Anyway, onto bigger and better things such as this week's amazing BOW song platter. We have some Kanye, some throwback Azealia, the song equivalent to Muscle Milk, some shit that'll really confuse the fuck out of Zooey Deschanel, and of course's new jam. If you can't stand the heat, get away from this website.


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Silhouettes – Avicii ft. Salem al Fakir (Leo Villagra Dirty Bootleg): Start this song at 1:15…then the shit gets real weird real quick, like at 2:30. But in a good way. And tell us if you agree, the vocalist kind of sounds like your modern Macy Gray… As Told By Ginger? Anyone? Anyone??

Breaking a Sweat – Skrillex and the Doors (Zedd Remix): Need something to work out to? Download this shit now. It's like taking steroids without taking steroids. Yeah you set that elliptical resistance to 2!

212 – Azealia Banks ft. Lazy Jay (Thieves Remix): The Azealia shit is mad throw back so like, LISTEN. takes me back to the days of boomboxes and the guy from Drake and Josh selling weed from an ices cart. For some reason I'm convinced the original was from the 90s but it like came out in 2011…I must be high.

Lost in the World – Kanye West (Tiesto Remix): This track is prettttay dope. Like as much as I hate Kanye I fucking love him. I heard he hates khaki pants and flip flops, so I hate khaki pants…nah I still love flip flops.

Neopolitan Dream – Lisa Mitchell: At first I thought I was listening to the Juno soundtrack, but then I let minute 2 happen, and betches IT FUCKING HAPPENED. Really really chill song, but like not chill at the same time. I don't know, yeah I'm definitely high.

This Is Love – ft. Eva Simmons: This song is brand new and AMAZING. Apparently produced by Angello, entangled with the sweet voice of a woman who sounds exactly like Justin Bieber. What MORE could we ask for? DL NOW…(youtube to mp3 converter, fucking duh).


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