Betches Love This Music: Let a Girl Rage

These songs need no introduction. TG, because we're too lazy to write one anyway. But we do guarantee that if you pregame to them you'll have a wild night, filled with (but not restricted to) falling all over the place, singing your high school's cheer songs, aggressively telling people you know they're closet homosexuals, and hugging midgets.


Clinton Sparks vs. Semisonic – Closing Time: Closing Time is a classic staple at bars all over the world. There's no way we can actually prove our previous statement, but let a girl assume. But this remix is different, it's less like a farewell/get the fuck out of my bar kind of song and more like time for you to go out and harass your myriad of drug dealers. Shit gets amazing at like 1:40.


Kill Paris – I Wanna Be Your Lover: If Michael Jackson were not only alive, but also still able to feel and think, this track would make him proud. It's what you listen to at after hours with eyes half closed, swaying back and forth, sitting in between the guy who's trying to fuck you and the guy you're going to fuck.


Temper Trap – Trembling Hands (Magnus and Timon remix): Two things come to mind when I think of Temper Trap: Australia and Sweet Disposition. Honestly, after Sweet Disp they would have to fuck up pretty bad for us to dislike them. That said we love this track, it's soooo post traumatic stress disorder chic.


Stereoshock – Feeling That Melody: If there was a gun to my head and I just HAD to guess by whom these vocals were inspired, I would probably say the number 1 cliche of 2011 'Good Feeling'…but that's only a guess. But it's okay, this is one of those cases where familiarity breeds me really fucking liking it. Around the 2 minute mark I felt like I was in a sort of outer space video game with amazing music …when all I am is high in my room!


M.I.D.I. – Wilekess: Ever want to feel like you just wandered into a German rave? Yearn to hear the electro soundtrack of you getting rufied by an authentic Berlin rapist? Want to know what it's like to get brainwashed by Mugatu? Here you go…


Skrillex ft. Damian Marley – Rude Boy Bass (Wobulator edit): So this is something different. It has a strong rasta feel but it's still fully immersed in dub. We know this song wasn't like, born yesterday or anything but it's sort of lol to hear skril-LEX's name sang with a Jamaican flare, and we would be terrible people if we didn't highlight that here.


Deniz Koyu vs. The Naked & Famous – Young Bong (Ken Loi Mashup): We love this and so should you. K Bye. 



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