Betches Love This Song: It’s a Mad Madeon World

This week on Betches Love Th(is/ese) Song(s), we throw tracks that will either make you a) fall in love b) permanently see a strobe light or c) defile an 18 year old. Enjoy!

PS. We're going to start posting music on Fridays in addition to Blackout Weds. So now when you'll be pregaming on Fri you'll no longer have to ask yourself “why open iTunes when I can open THE BEST WEBSITE IN THE WORLD?!” cue fake laugh.


madeonBets on what will come first: the intro, or Madeon's pubes?

Madeon feat. Nicholas Petriccas – Finale (Melfrez Extended Cut): Since we posted Alphabeat our obsession with Madeon has been growing exponentially, like in this unreal way. He's French, famous, and 18. I meannnn, I'd do it. Either way this song is pretty sick. Like, while listening to this track I checked my emails a few times, but then realized the email notification ping I kept hearing was just in the song! Madeon, you trickster you.
Jennifer Lopez – Goin' In ft. Lil Jon (8Barz Re-Boot Remix): Ahhhh Jizzlo! We totally (think) we remember hearing her lipsync this song on Idol, but either way, this remix is solid, as solid as her ass…no wait that's a horrible analogy.
Tiesto and Showtek – Hell Yeah! (Dirty South Remix): Hell Yeah! is the new Showtek and Tiesto collab which personally I felt only whelmed about. Dirty South made it much better for me, as in I really want to pound shots right now, as in like I can see myself going really fucking crazy at a club listening to this…like REALLY fucking crazy, verge on perspiration.
Calvin Harris feat. Example – We'll Be Coming Back Again: This song isn't fast but it's not slow either. That was the best description I've ever written. No but really, Calvy does it again. We really really like this track – it's kind of like a modern day love poem. Calvin oh Calvin, where for art thou bass drop, Calvin.


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