The Only Moments You Should Give a Shit About at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

We all knew the MTV Movie Awards weren't going to be scandalous seeing as almost every celeb was still at Coachella. See: Leo DiCaprio.

But there were def some moments worth sort of paying attention to: 

Nicki Minaj dressed like, well. 

Seth Rogen made out with his mom… 

As Lupita handed Jared Leto his award for Biggest Transformation the two stared at each other for an awkwardly long time, so they're PND having sex on the side. 

Lupita also cracked mad jokes.


Without having to say anything, Drake Bell revealed that bankruptcy is not a sexy look and to please help him, he's poor. 

Mark Whalberg was like really excited to accept the Generation Award. 

Jessica Alba looked so fucking chic in a cropped top. 

Shailene Woodley did not.

The Apatow Fam is aging flawlessly. Maude, so chic right now, Maude. But like also Iris. And always Leslie. 

RiRi and Eminem performed Monster and were really cute at the end. 

Some of the Backstreet Boys showed up… 

Two words: Brian Litrell 

Catching Fires” won like everything last night. 

But the real winner was Zac Efron's body (and Rita Ora by association)


Source: idk, the internet


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