What To Get Your Mom For Mother's Day Based On Her Internet History

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I don’t know what it is about moms that make them so hard to shop for—they either already own whatever it is you’re thinking about buying them or they just buy it themselves the minute you have a good idea (eye roll). Also, I don’t want to be one of those daughters who pulls the pajama card every year—mostly because I think I’ve already exhausted that option. (My mom literally has an entire dresser dedicated to all the “coziest PJ’s ever!” I’ve bought her throughout the years.)

So, I do what I always do when I need advice—turn to social media. I mean, everything we see on the Internet is true (right?!) so I think it’s the obvious place to go for inspiration. Plus, your mom has likely slid into your DMs or sent you a video at some point or another, so I’m going to take a hint from her and help you pick a gift based on the shit she sends you. 

If she sends solely videos that have some sort of dog in it…

She needs this faux fur weighted blanket. Not only is she looking for the warm and fuzzies on repeat, but she’s probably trying to calm the anxiety you’re giving her by not responding to her text within 5 minutes. 

Shop it: Uttermara Shaggy Faux Fur Weighted Blanket, $75, Amazon

If she sends you wedding dress inspiration even though you aren’t dating anyone…

She needs a floral arrangement subscription. Let’s be honest, she’s probably dying to buy flowers so why not do it for her. It’ll give you another six months tops until she’s forcing you to tour wedding venues without a ring. 

Shop it: Urbanstems Subscription, $55, Urbanstems

If she sends you food porn from all over the world even though she’s never left your home state…

Get her these fancy AF olive oils to try. Not only is the packaging super luxe, but it’s giving an Italian getaway vibe that’ll help her finally pull the trigger on booking the Euro trip she’s been dying to go on. 

Shop it: Brightland The Artist Capsule Cold-Pressed Olive Oils, $150, Amazon

If she spends her time doom scrolling and constantly sending you, “be safe!” messages…

Get her this personal safety alarm. The ~chic~, modern design is a perfect addition to her handbag or keychain. And, it’s nowhere near as intimidating to use as pepper spray. Do her a favor and get yourself one too. 

Shop it: She’s Birdie–The Original Personal Safety Alarm, $29.95, Amazon

If she constantly sends you different GRWM videos…

Get her the Dyson Airwrap. If there’s any reason to fork over the cash to get a Dyson, it’s this. You can frame it as a gift for her but you’ll need to borrow it for your own GRWMs.

Shop it: Dyson Airwrap Multi-Style, $599, Sephora

If she sends you articles with titles like, “5 ways to get a better night’s sleep”…

Get her this sunrise alarm clock and sound machine. She’s probably a light sleeper (I feel like all moms are??) and this will help lull her to sleep and wake up naturally to a sunrise even if she uses blackout curtains, which we should all be doing. 

Shop it: Hatch Restore Sound Machine and Sunrise Alarm Clock, $129.99, Amazon

If she loves to watch and send you short workout videos…

Get her this mini Theragun. It’s easier to hold than a glass of wine after a long day. Plus, if she starts doing all the workouts she sends you, she’s going to need help with recovery. 

Shop it: Theragun Mini 2.0, $199, Amazon

If she’s DMing you hilarious memes on an everyday basis…

Get her this Cool Mom sweatshirt. Because she’s not a regular mom. 

Shop it: Cool Mom Sweatshirt, $50, Shop Betches

If she refuses to log onto any sort of social media and doesn’t really send you anything…

Get her this set of bath bombs. Because chances are, her life is a lot less chaotic than the rest of us and she probably has time for a nice, relaxing bath. 

Shop it: LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set, $21.44, Amazon

Feature Image Credit: Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Abbey Westlin
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