Which Of Arie's Contestants On 'The Bachelor' Has The Most Instagram Followers?

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The Bachelor has brought so much to so many throughout its 22 seasons on the air: a reason to drink wine on a Monday night, sports for women, a socially acceptable medium through which to judge complete strangers, sad public breakups, and the occasional loving relationship. But in recent years, The Bachelor has proved itself to be best at matchmaking being a stepping stone to a successful career as an Instagram model/promoter. And even though Arie is probably too old and irrelevant to even know what Instagram is, this season is no different.

Let’s be honest: it’s season twenty-fucking-two, and we all know that the “right reasons” now refers to: “Totally ready to get engaged if it means I can quit my job and get paid to take flattering pictures of myself.” So now that the girls have had some time to build a brand following and sign some sponsorship deals, let’s check in on Arie’s 10 most followed contestants’ journey to true love Instagram verification.

10. Lauren B.

The first of the blonde Laurens on our list, Lauren B., (not Bushnell but totally looks like Lauren Bushnell) has a cute dog, an Audi, a lot of selfies, and over 10k followers. Congrats for making the list, poor man’s Lauren B. Perhaps you can sell me some Flat Tummy Tea in the future.

Tryna catch me ridin derby?#bachelormondays #thebachelor #bachelorabc

A post shared by Lauren Burnham (@laureneburnham) on

9. Marikh

With over 11K followers and a bio that includes her personal Gmail address, I’m legit surprised she made the top 10. She’s a Michelle Obama fan so like, she can sit with us, and appears to have an aversion to open-mouth smiling.

Romantic vibes in my @vestique bodysuit

A post shared by Marikh Mathias (@maroosworld) on

8. Lauren S.

I have spent at least 10 minutes scrolling through Lauren’s Instagram and I still couldn’t tell you which one she is on the show. She is the most normal “hot blonde girl with beachy waves” on Instagram, and the most interesting about her is… nope, nothing interesting. But she is super into Jesus.

Not all who wander are lost… Shoot, where am I again?

A post shared by LAUREN SCHLEYER (@laurenschleyer) on

7. Jenna

I expected better from a “Social Media Manager.” Do you think maybe she is managing the social media careers of the six girls with more followers than her? Because 15.6K is like, mediocre.


6. Caroline

Wait, did y’all know that she was Miss Massachusetts in 2014? The more you know…Anyway, Caroline posts a lot of professional photographs of her eating food and drinking wine and she’s been wearing DiffEyewar shades since last March—girl be fishing for sponsorships.

5. Maquel

27.5K followers, a lot of extensions blonde, a hint of Jesus, and a Mormon temple. Anyone notice if she’s been drinking at the cocktails parties? Just wondering…

4. Becca K

Becca’s account frequently features her adorable Corgi puppy and cute-ass kitten. I was her 33,101st follower, and no, I am not ashamed.

Nothing like a strong bond over the love for gravy. #twinning

A post shared by Rebecca Kufrin (@bkoof) on

3. Tia

Between the time I started writing this article and the time I wrote this sentence, Tia gained 500 followers—what is life. But as Raven’s BFF and the physical embodiment of a Jojo-Becca Tilley lovechild, I would expect nothing less. Keeping my eye out for her first SugarBearHair ad.

Merry Christmas from Marlo Quinn

A post shared by Tia B (@tiarachel91) on

2. Krystal

This girl is ripped af and it makes me almost as uncomfortable as her extreme vocal fry family sob story. I don’t want to watch her on television, nor do I want to follow her on Instagram, but I do want to know how she got those abs. Ugh, conflicted.

Playing in the snow ⛄️⛅️ #home

A post shared by Krystal Nielson (@coachkrystal_) on

1. Bekah

It’s pretty impressive that she has racked up over 43K followers in her short time on this earth. Also, is it just me or does she SORTA look like a young Kris Jenner? But hot—and like, naturally hot, not paid-for-it hot.

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