Mongolian Wrestling Coaches Got Mad And Stripped, Same

So I don’t know what kind of shit goes down in Mongolia on a regular occasion, but this makes me want to visit Mongolia like, yesterday.

On the last weekend of competition in the Olympics, two Mongolian wrestling coaches stripped off their clothes in protest of a judge’s bad ruling that cost their wrestler the bronze medal.

Obviously the whole strip poker-esque moment was caught on video. It’s amazing. First the shirt comes off, and then the two shoes in a spastic throw to the ground.

So even as one coach appeared to lose his shit on international television, the other coach didn’t even judge him. He joined in the fucking party and got (almost) naked. That’s what besties are for, right?

But can you imagine if all of the world’s problems were solved by stripping off your clothes? That’s the kind of world that I want to live in. Instead, the two coaches were forcibly removed from the Olympic grounds, and maybe ended their careers in the same time. It’s the betchiest moment of the Olympics, hands down.

Stay tuned for the moment I strip at work in protest of showing up on a Monday.


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