There’s a New Mirror That Will Tell You When You Look Like Shit

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most ratchet of them all? You may finally get an answer to that question, and you’re not gonna like it. Panasonic has successfully created an interactive mirror, and it’s holding nothing back. It suggests make-up colors, lets your preview hairstyles (including facial hair) and even shows what you look like in unflattering lighting (i.e. hotel room bathroom or grocery store dairy isle). As helpful as this mirror could be, it can also be kind of a bitch. It tells you if you have an oily forehead, dark circles under your eyes and even points out pimples. It gives you tips on how to get rid of said flaws which include (but are not limited to) nutrition recommendations. If I wanted a lesson on proper skin regiments, a balanced diet and a brutally honest assessment of my physical flaws, I would talk to my mother. No one is going to tell me that my drunk, late-night pizza feast is to blame for my less-than-perfect complexion.

The mirror has only been showed at electronic shows around the world and there’s no word on when it will be released to the public. All we know is that it’s going to expensive af. So for now, as long as you have some sort of reflective surface and aren’t totally blind, you should be good to go. Every betch knows how to protect herself from harsh lighting and oily skin, and some asshole mirror isn’t going to change that. But for the fugly idiots out there without common sense or concealer: this might be for you.


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