Mindy Project Recap: Riding in Subways with Boys

We have to give big props to Fox for overcoming their seriously nicegirl Lea Michele-tainted reputation and bringing us this Tuesday lineup, because not only do we have New Girl but we now have the Mindy Project aka The (Doctor's) Office aka Grey's Brown's Anatomy.

We loved Mindy even before this spinoff for the obvious reason that she is fundamentally hilarious. Kelly Kapoor and Mindy might as well be the same person which we have absolutely no problem with. It's just hard to believe someone this betchy could make it through med school, but then we remember she isn't real and feel like idiots. I mean we wouldn't NOT hire a nurse based solely on her love of You've Got Mail. That caviar is a garnish!

Sure this episode may have opened with Mindy riding #162 public transportation and rubbing her cheek ever so gingerly against a bacterial subway pole, but it's a wash because her opening monologue is at least 10 times better than Emanda's. She has just the quippy voice for that.

Also her ongoing sexual tension with Danny, whom we'll refer to as Reese from the Newsroom, will clearly form the Jim/Pam relationship of this show. The ironic thing is that Danny and I are best friends, and we hide our friendship at work for professional reasons.

Danny: So you're tattling?
Mindy: Tattling is when a little girl does it, when a hot woman does it it's called whistleblowing
Danny: I just want what's best for the practice
Mindy: So I want what's worse for the practice? I just want to hire some al Qaeda terrorist to come and blow up the kitchen?
Danny: I'm not saying you'd do it on purpose but yes, that could easily happen

So what actually happened last night? Mindz went on a weird froyo date with Seth Meyers who was such a #33 nice guy that he went back and changed her froyo order three times. Reese was right, way too much time on his hands, sounds like a bum. Then Mindz and Reese used the nurse-hiring process to display their witty banter and also to show the American public how the real hiring happens. I never read resumes, I just go from the gut. What is your feeling about birthday celebrations in the office? Then Mindy fired someone and got punched in the face and broke her nose, such a Jan Brady moment. I've always wanted a deviated septum!

As far as the rest of the characters go, we have no idea what's going on with the British bro or Marcy Runkle's second husband because we took time during those scenes to text our besties how this is our new favorite show. And fuck me with a chainsaw if I don't mention the presence of Blair Waldorf's high school bestie Penelope and her ridiculous. fucking. accent. She sounds like Tai when she first got to Beverly Hills, no shit you guys got coke heea?!

Quotes of the Night

Mindy: Like everyone who goes to a bookstore, I was not there to buy books.

Danny: Just to make a note, this responsibility has been given to someone with a chocolate fountain in her office.


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