Mindy Project Recap: Club Can’t Even Handle Mindy Right Now

It's the third week of The Mindy Proj and she continues to kill it. This show is just like Grey’s Anatomy but more colorful and the doctors are too busy excessively referencing '90s rom coms to give a shit about medicine.

We were thrilled that last night's ep focused on one of our favorite betchy activities #20 clubbing, but freaked out by how weirdly formalized it was. For example, Blair's friend Penelope had to waste her prepaid minutes calling some bro to specifically add “plus 1 for the club tonight.” The British bro even gave it the proper noun name of Office Club Night, but he's a reg weirdo so what else to expect. How many hot, British doctors are there actually who are practicing in the USA? I’ve never had one.

The actual Office Club Night was epic in its own way. It was like Mindy's never been inside a nightclub before, but then again Timbaland's The Way I Are was playing, which is so outdated it was used literally in the pilot of Gossip Girl, so perhaps she was simply overcome by nostalgia. Or maybe she'd just never been inside a club quite like this one, where bottle service comes in neon blue plastic for 300 dollars.

When she made it to VIP it was like her life's greatest achievement. OMG you're the one who got me into VIP? I never knew this was what VIP was gonna be like! …haven't you ever been inside a completely silent VIP room where everyone stays calmly seated before, Mindy?

In the end we couldn't believe Mindy would pass up the chance to hooks with this pro to help her losery work friends who were acting drunk and pathetic. We never would've done that. But apparently this turned out to be a great #32 winning strategy because the bro bought her pashmina back from Amar'e for $500, sent her a limo, and asked her on an actual date. Moral of the story: do the right thing… ew.

Our thoughts on the side characters whose names we don't know and may never learn:

The giant nurse with the gaptooth is becoming more of a caricature in a big way. The makeshift bathroom attendant thing was perf. Hello welcome, welcome to the bathroom. That's spearmint, you have a great time with that one.

Reese from The Newsroom is a sick dancer however he looks like he's trying to copy something he saw the black guy do in Save The Last Dance. Then again, he did say he's from Staten Island.

Oh look it’s Anna Camp playing a middle aged doctor when I just watched her play an uptight a capella singer on Saturday. How versatile.

Bad night for Penelope. After Reese's rejection combined with the horrible Fran Drescher accent they force her to put on she's turning out to be this show's very own Tara Thornton, but like way prettier.

And about annoying nicegirl who ordered the plastic blue bottle service and then ruined everyone's night… literally don't care.

Quotes of the Night

Penelope: Keep your racism voice down!
Mindy: What? It's a scientific fact that black guys love Indian girls.

Mindy: If I disappear, do not find me. It means that I am either falling in love or grinding up against a guy but probably both.

Mindy to random guy at the bar: Oh you're from Chicago!? My college friend Brian Miller's from there do you know him?

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