The Mindy Project Is Moving To Hulu


It’s official: everyone’s favorite psycho ex-girlfriend Mindy Kaling is taking her talents to Hulu. Season four of The Mindy Project, which previously aired on Fox, will now be available exclusively through the online streaming service.

Mindy isn’t the first star to switch to web broadcasting. She is following comedian and extreme betch Chelsea Handler, who vocally and willingly left E! for Netflix last year. It’s no secret that Hulu and Netflix have been trying to get into the content creation game for a while, making new shows and snagging old ones, so this is definitely a coup for Hulu. As of now, they have renewed the show for 26 episodes, which is nearly twice the length of a usual Mindy season.

The good news is there will be a lot more of The Mindy Project and the potentially bad news is it will only be available for Hulu subscribers. Gotta go hunt down the account details of your neighbor’s uncle or someone who actually pays for things to keep up with Dr. Lahiri.


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