This State Department Staffer Who Made a Fake TIME Cover Is Our New Favorite Scammer

We’ve all fluffed our resumes up before, right? Like saying you’re proficient in Excel even though you don’t know WTF it is. But that is a child’s play for Mina Chang, the deputy assistant secretary in the State Department Bureau of Conflict and Stability Operations, who basically catfished the White House (successfully) to get a job. 

It’s been discovered that she heavily fluffed her resume to the point that she even made up HER OWN TIME MAGAZINE COVER, which I’m sorry is just too funny and insane for me to think she deserves to get into any trouble. Imagine this girl using her Photoshop knowledge to replace Oprah with herself on the cover of TIME. I mean, I hope she at least put that she was a master in Photoshop on her CV, because that would be 100 percent true. 

On top of that, she also completely made up her education — saying she was an alum of Harvard Business School who ran a nonprofit which worked in 40 countries. Reality check? She took a seven-week course at Harvard that does not result in a degree. That’s basically like your friend who took a Guitar for Beginners class and now feels they’re the long lost member of Fleetwood Mac. In regards to her nonprofit that helped build schools overseas? Yeah, there is no proof or paper trail of any overseas project and no staff or budget large enough to pull anything like that remotely off.  

I guess if you’re going to lie on your application, why not go all out and create a fake role on a United Nations panel and say that you testified before Congress? I’m just confused because aren’t these all things that a government job should be able to double-check? Even my communication major internships called my references (which yes were just my friends disguised as past employers).

How was this scammer ultimately revealed, you ask? It wasn’t until she was being considered for an even BIGGER JOB IN GOVERNMENT with a budget of $1 billion that people started to wonder, “hmmm how is all of this real?”

It’s not lost on me that this is almost exactly like that Jennifer Lopez movie Second Act we all forgot about because of Hustlers and also because it was so bad. 

Chang potentially may be my new hero, especially because when asked in an interview how the TIME cover came to be she claimed it was to honor her contributions to drone technology. Got it. Also, her fake cover title was ‘WE CHANGE THE WORLD,’ which has big Elizabeth Holmes Energy.

Even bigger Elizabeth Holmes energy? How she claimed to speak at both the Democratic and Republican 2016 national conventions when in reality she was just at other events in the same city as them.  

Chang’s job was aiding politically unstable countries to ensure conflicts would not erupt in them, which I can only assume she would handle like Caitlin Upton talking about maps and everywhere like such as. Girl made six figures so honestly I may take a lesson from her and start telling companies I’m interviewing for that I invented Facebook. Sorry, FACEBOOK. On second thought — maybe not.  

She is just one of the many examples of the  improper vetting that is going down in the Trump administration, which is just another way his White House is essentially an SNL skit. I’m honestly shocked that they haven’t appointed Doogie Howser as the United States Surgeon General, and by Doogie Howser, I mean Neil Patrick Harris. 

Images: TIME, U.S. Department of State 

Danny Murphy
Danny Murphy
Danny Murphy is a comedian and writer who lives, laughs, and gets his credit card declined in New York. His writing appears in Glamour, Marie Claire & Cosmopolitan and he performs standup wherever people will let him shout at them.