Congrats, Millennials: For Once This Isn’t Our Fault

We’re all aware that last night we elected a wealthy Oompa Loompa into the highest office of the United States government. Just kidding about that Oompa Loompa crack—I for one, welcome our Trump overlord (please don’t hurt my family). Anywho, at times like this everyone is quick to point the finger and find someone to blame for fucking this country up. Florida. Baby Boomers. White men. Well even though so far there’s not much of a silver lining to this election outcome, millennial liberals can take comfort in one small piece of consolation: we weren’t the ones who fucked this election up for everybody else.

Yes, that’s right. For once, millennials are not to blame. Check out this map of the United States that shows how the election would have gone if only millennials had voted. 

We did it, millennial fam. But in all seriousness, before you go proclaiming your superiority from the rooftops, don’t. This is some hopeful news for sure, but at the end of the day that’s all it is. We all collectively as a nation did this to ourselves and whether we like it or not, we’re in this together for the next (please dear God let it be only) four years.