Millennials Eat More Vegetables Than Our Parents, Suck It Mom & Dad

While I like to stuff my face with garbage as much as the next gal, it’s generally not cool to be a trash monster all of the time. So of course, for every pizza and wine bender we have, there’s a slightly more boring, but def necessary detox meal or two on the horizon. And if we can muster the strength, maybe even some cardio (or maybe not).

Working out

But despite our best efforts, fucking old people are surprised about recently released statistics that prove our generation is definitely the healthiest. According to the NPD group, millennials and Gen Zs are eating way more vegetables than our parents. Millennials and Gen Zs (yes, you’re fucking old) increased their yearly intake of vegetables by 52% while our parental counterparts have decreased their consumption by 60%. In other words, maybe we should be telling them to eat their fucking broccoli.


See? Old people might blame millennials for literally everything, but at least we eat our fruits and vegetables and don’t elect bags of orange Cheetos for president.


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