VIDEO: Watch Miley and Madonna Sing and Grind to ‘We Can’t Stop’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me’

We can't decide if this is amazing or absolutely absurd. Madonna made a special appearance during Miley's Unplugged concert that aired on MTV last night and pure magic resulted. And by magic we mean a ridiculous medley of “Don't Tell Me” and “We Can't Stop” with a side of Madonna's ass grinding up and around Miley's vaginal area. Miley's outfit, which consisted of a denim bikini and a matching glittery chambray shirt and jeans otherwise known as LL Cool J's pajamas from 1986, added to the spectacle. 

Ok we decided, the video/performance is actually amazing: you can't look away and you want more. But it's probably because you yearn for the days when Madonna actually put out good music and didn't have to have her ass slapped on Miley Cyrus's Unplugged concert for some decent publicity. 

Do yourself a favor and watch in full screen until the end. Prepare to feel slightly uncomfortable. 


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