Miley Cyrus Wants You To Write Her Homeless VMA Date Letters In Jail

Flashback to the VMA’s: Miley shows up with some guy named Jesse who low-key looks like the guy from Reign, but actually turns out to be a homeless youth. Cue 3 minutes of awkward silence as he makes an impassioned(ish) speech about poverty to a room full of millionaires while Miley sobs in the background and everyone else refuses to make eye contact with the camera. MTV was psyched, I’m sure.

Turns, out that wasn’t just a phase. After Jesse was sentenced to 6 months of jail time for violating parole, Miley continued to advocate on his behalf. She created a #dearjesse hashtag and is urging people to send him letters. Or you know, e-mails. Because he doesn’t have an address. Because he’s homeless.

Don’t worry, Jesse, parole is coming soon. It’s all about the climb.




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