Miley Cyrus Is The Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2015 And Just No

Did you know there’s a list for everything? Including PETA’s sexiest vegetarian celebrities. I mean, veg it up, no judgment, but what does it have anything to do with being sexy? If you don’t eat meat for animal rights reasons, more power to you, but being attractive should have nothing to do with it.

Looks like PETA is really reaching here too, because it was Miley’s “heartwrenching song” for her pet goldfish that pulled her to the top.  Yeah, the one where she sang “You don’t know what a cloud is” to her dead goldfish while wearing a unicorn onesie.

Everything is wrong with this title, but the fact that Miley won it is even more disturbing.  Desperate attempt for PETA to connect with youths, in our opinion.  Hey, whatever your dieting choices are, it’s fine by us. But do us a favor… shut up about it.


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