Miley Cyrus Is Returning to the VMAs

E-online reports that Miley Cyrus is returning to the VMAs and we are hyped like a betch's first day on Vyvanse. Okay so last year at the VMAs – read: the shit show orgy with a pedophillic referee and teddy bears – was horrific.  But that was like Miley's freshmen year. She went to a frat in a Forever 21 body-con dress, got blackout on natty light, and hooked up with 3 guys in the same frat – we've all been there ladies. Homegirl is coming back for sophomore year and we think she's stepping up her game. She'll show up with her sorority sisters, look fab, and own the scene – hopefully with a power ballad like FU or Adore You. Or she'll skank up the VMAs, scare Will Smith's kids again, and slink back into coked out oblivion. Your call Hannah Montana.


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