Miley Cyrus Has A New Song And It’s Actually Really Good (LISTEN)

Somebody leaked a Miley Cyrus song that's not purely for the pregame playlist. It's called “Nightmare” and it sounds like old-school Miley, you know before the 2013 VMAs. Nobody knows if this was originally produced for Bangerz, but I can't imagine Miley singing this with a giant foam finger, so it's probably for a new album. What we do know? It's fantastic. I have yet to have found the summer pop anthem that I will listen to on repeat and come to despise by August, but this will for sure be in the running. The song is the ultimate summer driving anthem and is actually pretty good. So stop what you're doing, listen to the newest song campaigning to be the anthem of summer 2015, and dream of what Miley's next chapter will bring to pop culture.

Miley's producer Dr. Luke describes it as “Wrecking Ball's little sister but up tempo.” I would describe it as another gigantic “fuck you” to Liam Hemsworth that also serves as great pregame playlist material. Neither of us are wrong.




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