Miley Cyrus Got Rid of her Eyebrows

It's official, Miley Cyrus has run out of shit to do. I imagine she was just like chillin in her apartment with all her new ghetto fabulous friends smoking an L, watching Notorious when an idea hit her. OMGZZZ I should totally just bleach my brows!! It'll be the new look, everyone and their mothers will be blonde-browed by next month! I mean if I can't be black I might as well be like REALLY white, right? Wow I'm brillz. Now let me go take pics with Miranda Kerr and Lilly Allen and some guy named Mert so that everyone will realize that I can literally do anything and famous people will still wanna chill with me. 

There you have it, the only possible reasoning behind Miley's new eyebrow-less-ish look. 

We just have one question though…


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