Mike The Situation Is Going To Prison

Gym, tan… do you do your own laundry in prison? Guess Mike The Situation is about to find out, because he was sentenced to 8 months in prison on Friday afternoon. This comes after he plead guilty for tax fraud in January. Following his eight months in prison, he will also be on two years of supervised release.

Honestly, eight months in prison doesn’t even sound that bad, and it seems like Mike The Situation got off relatively easy—at least compared to his brother Marc, who was sentenced to two years. Honestly, that’s STILL not even that bad, considering the two were charged with multiple tax offenses related to $9 million in income. NINE. MILLION. DOLLARS. IN INCOME. That they just didn’t pay taxes on?? That’s a bold strategy, Cotton, let’s see how it plays out fo—oh, wait. It clearly didn’t play out too well for either of them. Consider this a friendly PSA to pay your taxes.

Luckily for Mike, the second season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation already finished filming, and in fact, is almost done airing, so this shouldn’t really affect his rigorous schedule of eating 16 full meals a day on camera. I mean, at least prison food and mandated exercise time should help him lose weight before the wedding?

I personally can’t wait to see how the third season of Jersey Shore handles this. I would so love a Scared Straight crossover with Mike The Situation. And like, I would die to see Pauly D roll up to a prison yelling “YEAAAAA BUDDY! AW YEA CAVITY SEARCH YEA!!”

Suddenly, I have never wanted anything more in my entire life. MTV, make it happen.

Image: MTV