Microbeads Are Being Banned So Stock Up On Your Favorite Facewash

Illinois just banned the sale and manufacturing of products containing microbeads in things such as soap, toothpaste, and face wash (aka the good stuff that clears our skin). They hope the rest of our country will follow their example in order to keep our large bodies of water free of plastic. But like hello what about keeping our faces free of acne? I mean what is really more important, clean water for people who can't afford to buy Fiji and Voss water bottles, or our skin? Our skin, duh.

Condescending scientists said we “wouldn't consciously throw plastic in water” but it's like well if I knew it would give me better skin I probably would. When I looked further into this (aka googled it during commercial breaks of The Bachelorette) I found that apparently it isn't just about clean water for our drinking but the problem is really that fish are eating these tiny beads of toxic plastic and eventually we will be consuming these fish aka the toxins. So if you are a peasant and haven't invested in a Clarisonic yet I guess it's time to do so, because microbeads in your yummy grapefruit neutrogena face wash are about to go extinct.

H/T: New York Times


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