Michelle Obama's $4k Balenciaga Boots Will Heal America

Boots. That is the sole subject (pun intended) of this article. Everything else is put on hold so that we can sit at our desks, slack jawed, thinking about the boots. If you don’t have any idea what I am talking about, you haven’t been on Instagram, and that is bragging, which is rude. We are talking about Michelle Obama’s boots. These are the boots.

Upon second thought, these aren’t boots, they are a religion. Michelle is the high priestess and we are but unworthy worshippers.

Okay, some fast facts about the boots:

  1. They are Balenciaga
  2. They cost $4,000
  3. Because I cannot see the end of the boots, I can only assume they are not only thigh-high, but actually extend all the way to heaven.

Here is another angle of the boots.

Here is a link to purchase the boots from Saks Fifth Avenue which I cannot stop you from doing. But know that you will simply be unable to reach the heights Michelle Obama can reach in these boots. You will be a mere imitator of greatness.

It only feels appropriate that Michelle wore them while being interviewed by Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw aka the inventor of shoes.It’s been a long and a tough year but seeing our former  forever First Lady in these boots almost makes it all worth it. My only request is that we replace the American flag with this image printed on fabric and fly it high above this great nation. Melania could never.

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