This Video Of Michelle Obama Will Make You Feel Better

Former First Lady Queen of America Michelle Obama is out spreading the word about election day. This time she isn’t talking about a candidate or her BAE, she’s talking about voting in general. Last week Michelle spoke in Las Vegas at an event for her organization When We All Vote. She started off her speech stating that the first reason you should vote is because it’s your right to vote. Mic drop. She could’ve walked off the stage and been done but Michelle knows we all need a push, so here are all of the reasons you should vote.

  1. It’s your right as an American.
  2. It directly affects you and your future children’s lives (like suuuper far in the future children).
  3. Midterms have super low turnout, but it’s still important to vote for local and state leaders.
    • Sheriffs affect how your streets are patrolled.
    • Local officials take (or don’t) take care of your roads, schools, etc.
    • Members of Congress are the ones passing laws, the ones that affect us all – so you should def care about who they are.
  4. “You wouldn’t let your grandma pick out your clothes.” (Um what Michelle?) She explained that when you don’t vote you are letting someone else with very different taste from yours make all of your decisions. Love you grandma, but I don’t need you picking out my clubbing clothes.
  5. There’s a huge chance you won’t be happy with the consequences of not voting for someone who represents you.[/embed]
  6. “Other people suck.” (OK, so Michelle did not say that.) She did say that there are people who hope you don’t vote so they get more influence and others that want to make it harder for you to vote. Rude! What’s better than showing those people they can’t stop you?
  7. In a lot of states once you’re registered to vote you can do so by mail. This is for all of you couch potatoes or like really busy people or worker bees that can’t get away from work during the day to vote. It’s so easy.
  8. It takes no time! Voting lines are shorter than the ones you wait in on Friday night to get into the bars. In fact, voting takes an average of 11 minutes. Michelle called us all out saying we spend plenty of time on our phones watching vids, so we can stand in line instead of watching old Vines on YouTube.
  9. Citizenship and opinions are the only two qualifications you need to vote. We all know you have opinions on everything so just vote about them!
  10. Pick just one candidate, one issue, one initiative on the ballot that matters to you and vote for that.

There is no arguing with the logic and wisdom of Michelle Obama. Your voice matters and you should use your vote to make the U.S. the place you want it to be. If you aren’t registered go to and sign yourself up ASAP! If you are registered, you can still use that link to sign up for updates and reminders about elections in your area. And if all of these reasons aren’t enough, do it just because Michelle Obama would want you to, k?

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