We Need To Talk About Stormy Daniels' Hot Lawyer

Here’s the thing about Stormy Daniels’ lawyer: he’s hot. He’s got that whole lawyer in the streets, daddy in the sheets look going on. Not to mention, a jaw sculpted by the gods themselves. A silver fox, if you will. Are you guys getting what I’m saying? He’s hot. Is that clear? Great. Now that we’re all on the same page, here is a roundup of times we fell in love with Michael Avenatti. His name is Michael Avenatti, by the way. But you can just call him zaddy.

When He Went On Air And Told Michael Cohen to Release His Financial Documents[/embed]

Please write “this whole thing stinks” on my grave.

When He @’d Fox And Friends[/embed]

Love a man who can talk shit on Twitter.

He Made #Basta A Thing[/embed]

“Basta” is Italian for “enough” or “stop it” or “cut the shit, you idiots.” Michael Avenatti started using the hashtag on Twitter, and now has been seen sporting it on custom baseball cap. There is a word for that and it is I-CON-IC.

Well, that’s all the groundbreaking journalism I have for you today. When people start talking about the news at happy hour today, chime in with what you learned here: Stormy Daniels’ hot lawyer is hot.

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Irene Merrow
Irene Merrow
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