Looking For Merchandising / Fashion Interns!


We are now looking for a merchandising intern who is creative, smart, and can bring something new to the Betches team. 

This is a remote position, anyone can apply. This application is rolling and for an immediate start date. If you're looking for a summer internship, please do not email us until we post our summer application in a few months.


  • Competent, fashionable, and intelligent people with an eye for marketable trends.
  • Photoshop skills (beginner level at least) are a requirement.
  • A background in retail marketing is a plus.
  • Applicants who can initially commit 2-8 hours a week. 

Please email the following information to shop@betcheslovethis.com in plain text in the body of an email. We will not open attachments.

1. Full Name, Age

2. Email address / Twitter handle / Instagram handle / Pinterest

3. Education

4. Current employment / College

5. Please describe your style and link or attach pictures of styles that inspire you (can be anything, free to be creative here)

6. What are your strengths in the fashion / merch industry? What can you bring to the Betches' store team? Don't bullshit us, we're the queens of bullshitting. 

7. Please tell us anything that we haven't asked that you feel we should know about you. 

8. List the top 5 fashion bloggers that you follow

9. Please download and fill out this FORM (just standard official shit) and attach it in a pdf.

If you have any questions about the position, email shop@betcheslovethis.com. But please do not email us with questions about our hiring process or when we will be accepting or rejecting applications. We will contact you.

This position is currently unpaid but may transition to a part-time or commission based position in the future.

REMEMBER, write your application in the BODY OF AN EMAIL. The only thing that should be attached is the official signed document in pdf format.

Best from Shop Betches